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Black Light Rentals

The main event of our rentals, black lights. Capslock Entertainment specializes in providing school dances, private parties, house parties, DJs, and artists with affordable UV lighting rentals.

Fog Machine Rentals

Fog machines with a range of different outputs for different applications and room sizes. Here you’ll find small foggers, large foggers, low laying fog solutions, haze machines, dry ice machines, etc. All of the fluid fog machines come with some Froggy’s fog juice.

Uplight Rentals

Uplights are accent lighting used to create atmosphere by shining up onto walls and decorations. Made popular by weddings, adding uplights to any event can really change the result.

Stage Light Rentals

Stage lights, also known as DJ or party lights, produce beams of light usually to the beat of music. Popular among DJ’s, house parties, and dances these lighting effects go well with a fog machines in the room to see the beams dance. Strobe lights are also available and are great for Halloween events.

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