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UV reactive paint

UV Reactive Tempura Paint

School Smart non-toxic washable tempera paint 6 pack that will glow under black light. Use for your UV projects or on your body and clothes.

UV  Reactive Gaffer Tape

UV Reactive Gaffer Tape

GLOWS BRIGHT! – Pictures can’t do this tape justice! It’s blacklight reactivity is unmatched and is sure to impress. Whether in white or black light, this tape is BRIGHT!
FIVE BRIGHT COLORS – Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green & Pink all glow exceptionally well!
LEAVES NO MESS – This tape was designed to leave behind no sticky mess on most surfaces! Unlike duct tape, this tape pulls off clean with no residue.
HAND-TEARABLE – tears by hand with ease at any length. No knives, scissors or razor blades necessary!
MADE IN USA – This stuff is high-quality and made right here in the USA. It is strong, durable, waterproof and can’t be beat.

UV Blacklight Face & Body Paint

UV Blacklight Face and Body Paint

Blacklight Reactive – Glows Brightly under UV Lighting
6 Bright Neon Dayglow Colours
Dries Quickly and washes off easily with water

UV reactive Cutlery

Assorted Neon UV Reactive Cutlery

Neon colored in normal light; highly fluorescent under blacklight
Plastic & disposable
Great for any special event with blacklight
Does NOT glow in the dark- Blacklight ONLY
Includes 16 forks, 16 spoons, and 16 knives

Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Neon Fluorescent Water Based Craft Paint ( NOT GLOW IN DARK)
10 x .5oz/15ml (5oz/150ml total), Long Shelf Life, Thin with water.
Fluoresces under UV Black light. Used for POSTERS, ART WORK, AIRBRUSHING
Non Toxic, Safe, Dries Hard and Glossy, Water resistant when dry.

UV Blacklight Neon Fabric Paint

UV Blacklight Neon Fabric Paint

Blacklight Reactive – Glows Brightly under UV / Blacklight Light
6 Bright Neon Colours
Comes with useful nozzle for easy use
Easily Applied – Dry with hairdryer / Fix on with iron on the reverse of clothing

UV reactive Balloons

UV Reactive Balloons

Brightly colored party balloons that are bright under daylight, but GLOW under blacklight!! Mixed bag of balloons comes with GREEN, BLUE, PINK, YELLOW & ORANGE balloons! Excellent addition to blacklight parties, blacklight runs, blacklight bowling night, and anywhere that bright colors are a must! Quality balloons made of 100% latex will hold air and helium longer!

Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

Bottled Fluorescent Acrylic Paint

7 Bright Colors – Hot Pink, Electric Yellow, Neon Green, Cobalt Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Bright Magenta & Dark Charcoal!
Made in the USA! Safe & Non-toxic!
Dark Charcoal Color – Dark in normal white light, but glows under blacklight!

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